• Healthcare systems and industry stakeholders worldwide are demanding novel, impactful, scalable and affordable approaches for improving care delivery and outcomes.
  • The Society Of Nurse Scientists Innovators Entrepreneurs and Leaders (SONSIEL) is dedicated to meeting this call for revolutionary change.
  • As the first and only Nursing organization committed to educating and empowering nurses to discover, invent and pioneer products, processes and platforms, SONSIEL is uniquely positioning the profession.


  • SONSIEL is aligned with The World Health Organization’s is designation of 2020 as the ‘Year of the Nurse’
  • By inspiring, educating and supporting nurses to generate solutions, in 2020 and beyond, SONSIEL is leveraging the pervasive proximity of Nurses to healthcare problems to become an invaluable resource for generating solutions.
  • When the world is contending with increased caregiving burdens, there needs to be an international commitment to developing the capacity and recognition of nurses –the largest global healthcare workforce– as innovators who create and propagate transformational solutions.


  • 2020 is an inflection point for SONSIEL, an opportunity to advance contributions from Nurses so the profession is regarded as instrumental to heath care innovation.
  • Shifting the current paradigm requires: a commitment from nurse educators and health systems to teach nurses design thinking; more nurses engaged generating solutions through activities like nurse-led hackathons; nurse problem-solvers routinely on stage at leading health care conferences; increased investment from industry and health systems in nurse-led innovation and nurse leaders in c/d suite positions; more nurses at the United Nations and even more positioned to transform health globally.