A Love That Heals

I am very proud to declare that I have been a nurse for almost 4 decades. It has been my Life’s passion to care for those who have various diseases and infirmities. I know I am not alone in saying that it most assuredly is one of the toughest professions on the earth. It does not only require intelligence, experience, and knowledge, but it demands one to possess and practice wisdom, compassion, empathy, integrity, prudence, courage, devotion, and good ole’ common sense in exponential degrees. It is a Calling that takes place in the womb, and like the individual, matures over time and is refined through many trials of fire.

Over the years I have witnessed many alterations in the Health Care System, but the one thing that remained constant is the resiliency and flexibility of the Nurse. From the advancement in medical care to the electronic metamorphosis of documenting the same, nurses have had to adapt to every season and wind of change, no matter the setting. Nurses have also been at the forefront of the hottest battles of contagion. From HIV/AIDS to COVID-19 and every other disease known to man in between, Nurses have been an incredible force in providing comfort and care to all affected by these dreadful diseases, despite the risks involved. All nurses, be they in the hospital, clinic, or the home, tirelessly and selflessly make it a goal to bring a special kind of healing to all those under their care.

In summary, I would like to share a poem that I wrote many years ago in the reflection of my Ministry of Nursing. It is my Mantra, and it is my inspiration to continue to fight in the war against Illness of body, mind, and soul.


I heard a voice cry out in Agony
“I’m so alone and so afraid!
Can you help me see a light in this darkness?
Everyone else refused to show me the way”

I gave them my hand and brought him through And found that they no more despaired Their fear and loneliness had also departed For all they needed was someone that cared

Every Soul is transformed by the Heart
That possesses a love that is genuine and real A love so powerful that its effect is Everlasting

A Love that Gives
A Love that Bonds…..
A Love that Heals


Constance E. Evans, R. N.