COVID-19 & Healthcare Professionals

By now, most of us in the healthcare professions have taken stock of the personnel risks we share with the spread of the COVID-19. We are enacting precautions and aware of implementing social distance. As nurse leaders we want to look ahead to be better prepared as a profession to meet the demands for an adequate nursing workforce to meet demands of patients needing treatment. Reports of nurses and doctors being exposed and quarantined are frequently in the news and social media. To prepare for the risk of insufficient health care providers, we have set up a place for you to enter information about exposure and contraction of COVID-19. We will use the information you provide to analyze shortages and project risks for nurse shortages due to the virus. Finally, there are many nurses who have active RN licenses but are not working due to retirement or other reasons. Provide suggestions for these nurses to contribute time and effort. Thank you for responding. It's is optional to leave your name and email.
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