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In rapid response to the national emergency to combat COVID-19, SONSIEL is leveraging its expertise, innovation, and network to better protect frontline healthcare workers. Under the program SHARE (Strengthen Healthcare Ability to Respond to Emergencies) and in combination with vital industry, corporate, and individual partners, SONSIEL is marshalling a trifecta of grassroots sourcing, corporate giving, and media attention to ensure nurses and physicians are adequately shielded from infection risk—today. We cannot lose our nurses and doctors in this war against COVID-19. The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) is dire and will not go away, even with concerted efforts by the public and private sector. Ramped up strategic and manufacturing efforts are necessary, yet will not be sufficient for months. Millions of units are being sent. Billions of units are required. We must persistently activate all modes and methods of acquiring and moving appropriate and qualified PPE to the frontlines and continue to make the distinction regarding the correct PPE needed.

LOCATE: Want to help with a community-based collection in your area? Contact us at for assistance.

DONATE: Are you able to make an individual or corporate donation? Help us acquire and immediately deliver the right PPE in bulk into the hands of desperate healthcare workers at hospitals and medical facilities around the country. Donate here on GoFundMe site.

RESULTS: Want to know the milestones we’ve reached to date? See compiling totals of PPE that we’ve gathered and delivered so far, to where, and help us recognize some of our amazing corporate donors. [We’ll add links soon]

INSIDERS: Are you a frontline nurse or physician? Tell us your experiences in our survey.


By now, most of us in the healthcare professions have taken stock of the personnel risks we share with the spread of the COVID-19. We are enacting precautions and aware of implementing social distance.  As nurse leaders we want to look ahead to be better prepared as a profession to meet the demands for an adequate nursing workforce to meet demands of patients needing treatment.   Reports of nurses and doctors being exposed and quarantined are frequently in the news and social media.  To prepare for the risk of insufficient health care providers, we have set up a place for you to enter information about exposure and contraction of COVID-19. 

We will use the information you provide to analyze shortages and project risks for nurse shortages due to the virus.   Finally, there are many nurses who have active RN licenses but are not working due to retirement or other reasons.  

Provide suggestions for these nurses to contribute time and effort.  

We will not share your name & email when we publish the data from this survey.  We are collecting it so we will know if someone took the surevy twice. 

Thank you for responding. 

Survey Questions

SONSIEL is a national and international platform for Nurses to engage and advocate for Nursing’s role in influencing and directly impacting health through innovation and entrepreneurship. As nurses we are on the front lines working with all healthcare team members to keep our patients and the community safe and combat this virus.

Today, we are starting a grass roots campaign called SHARE to ensure that there are adequate supplies and equipment (Personal Protective Equipment – PPE) available to care for our most vulnerable population as this COVID -19 crisis unfolds.

We are asking YOU and everyone across the country to get the word out.

Please contact Universities, Nursing and Medical Schools, Labs, Pharma’s, Veterinarians, Dentists and others who may have resources to SHARE.

Please ask them to SHARE and donate any extra PPE they have to their local hospitals.  

It is important that we prioritize and triage our supplies and equipment, so they are available for our neediest population.

Please join SONSIEL in this important call to action.

We will post all connections made companies and individuals who make this happen on our Website.

For more information go to link to

It takes a Community and we need you! SHARE

CONTACT: Ellen Hassett on behalf of SONSIEL, (716) 465-6230,; Faith Ann Lawlor,, (978) 770-8324FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
SONSIEL Issues National Call-to-Action for Protective Equipment Inventory Donations
Grassroots Movement Created to Move Needed Items to Healthcare Workers Combatting COVID-19MARBLEHEAD, MA, March 17, 2020 – In rapid response to the national emergency and to better
combat COVID-19, the Society of Nurse Scientists Innovators Entrepreneurs & Leaders (SONSIEL) today
launched an immediate national call-to-action requesting that non-hospital inventories of personal
protective equipment (PPE) be shared with hospital and healthcare facilities via community dialogue.The call-to-action, deemed SHARE (Strengthen Healthcare Ability to Respond to Emergencies), seeks to
quickly raise awareness about the need for PPE on the front lines of care, and to spur, at the grassroots
level, an immediate community dialogue regarding available supplies of urgently needed equipment.Non-hospital healthcare organizations and commercial businesses use PPE and other needed equipment
in day-to-day activities. Nursing and medical schools, pharmaceutical labs, veterinarians, dentists, and
simulation centers, even construction, cleaning, and landscaping companies, may have PPE access and
inventory.SONSIEL is asking hospital and healthcare facilities to look to these other entities for possible
additional supply in order to help keep staff caring for COVID-19 patients and the patients themselves
safe. The type of equipment needed, that commonly is used by other entities and in other industries,
includes respirator masks, eyewear (goggles, shields, visors), and gloves (latex, latex-tipped, protective).
Non-hospital healthcare providers also may have available inventories of gowns, caps, or other items.Remarked Rebecca C. Love, SONSIEL President & Co-Founder, “Today, as this COVID -19 crisis unfolds,
we’re launching a grassroots campaign, SHARE, to help ensure adequate supplies of equipment are
available to healthcare workers tending to our most vulnerable population. At this time, many of our
hospitals are facing a critical shortage of protective equipment; there are not enough gloves, masks, or
gowns to safeguard our frontline healthcare workers. Healthcare workers must be protected—to enable
them to continue to provide care, for their own well-being, and to prevent transmission to others. At
present, there is this global shortage of equipment, a several-month delay, however we believe SHARE
is an innovative, community-based solution that can help swiftly back-fill this temporary deficiency.”“Please join SONSIEL in this vital effort. We are asking you and everyone across the country to get out
the word and start a dialogue. Think innovatively about where appropriate and needed supplies might
be found to SHARE. If you’re a business or scholastic institution, please consider how donations of any
already available PPE within a community might help your local hospitals and healthcare providers.
While particular region and facility needs may differ, coming together, directly, in a conversation, locally,
helps all of our communities target, identify, and triage supplies and equipment, so that what is in stock
is made available to healthcare providers as soon as possible.”Ms. Love concluded, “I’d like to thank the entire SONSIEL Board of Directors, who acted quickly and
completely in supporting this initiative at a critical point in time. Together, I know we will get through
this challenge, all of us, one community at a time.”Northeastern University and Massachusetts General Hospital are the first to engage in SHARE. SONSIEL
hopes many organizations, businesses, and hospitals around the country will do the same.For information on SHARE, visit will note companies,organizations, and individuals who want their giving story heard on the website and social media.