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Celebrating 200 years of Nursing Innovation
ThinC Conference & Nightingale Gala

Inspiring Nurses to Lead Health Transformation

Fall 2021 – Due to Current Covid-19 travel restrictions the event is postponed until the fall of 2021

Four Points by Sheraton Niagara Falls, Canada
Sponsored by: SE Health

This is the conference you’ve been waiting for in healthcare!

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who has a passion to transform healthcare and a strong desire to learn about healthcare innovation to make an impact on the lives of others.
  • Special invitation to all Nurses, Nursing Students, and Nursing faculty

Theme: Energize, Educate and Engage Nurses

Those who attend will:

  • Understand why we need nurses to lead health transformation
  • Learn about how organizations do innovation through the use of different methodologies and tools
  • Here stories on the impact nurses have on leading health transformation
  • Participate in a mini hackathon
  • Network with your tribe of nursing innovators

Conference Agenda: Day 1

Noon – 4 p.m.

  • Lunch

Solutioning Room: Mini Hackathon: Let the dreaming begin….

  • Interactive workshop structure (Innovation Methodology and Tools)
  • Work with an HMW statement in a group using human center design principles to prototype a solution
  • Each team will be given a toolkit to apply to their solutions
  • Each team will be assigned a mentor
  • Teams present back to the group their solution and critical learnings from the activity

Gala Agenda: Day 1

6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Celebrating Florence Nightingale and 200 Years of Innovation

Keynote: Rebecca Love, President of SONSIEL

  • Dinner – Cocktail attire
  • Nursing Innovation: Mini Hackathon Results
  • Tribute to Florence Nightingale
  • Networking

Conference Agenda: Day 2

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

THINC Symposium

Meet the Experts and Learn Industry Secrets

Keynote: Shirlee Sharkey, President, and CEO, SE Health

  • Registration and Networking breakfast
  • Panels: Need for Nurse-Led Innovation on a global, national, local, organizational level (who, what, why and how)
  • Group Activities: Innovation Methodologies: What’s in your toolkit?

An introduction to the tools you can use:

  • Human-centric design
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Disruptive thinking
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Spread and scaling

Lunch: Networking

  • Key takeaways from Innovation Methodologies rounds:
  • The Many Faces of Nurse Innovation: Nursing stories from today’s Shift Disruptors
  • Panel: Enterprise Innovation: Unlocking Innovation in Your Organization

You must register to attend!

Space is limited – Don’t wait for tomorrow register today!

  • The whole 2-day event costs $400.00 United States Dollars for Members of SONSIEL who have paid for a membership
  • The whole 2-day event costs $450.00 United States Dollars for NON-Members & NON-Paid members of SONSIEL
  • Cost to attend the Mini Hackathon event only April 15, 2021, $100.00
  • Cost for the GALA event only April 15, 2021, $200.00
  • Cost for the THINC event only April 16, 20201 $150.00

Special Guests – Speakers & Panelists

  • Mary Lou Ackerman – Vice President Innovation at SE Health
  • Oriana Beaudet – Vice President Innovation at The American Nurses Association
  • Lynda Benton – Senior Director, Global Corporate Equity, Johnson & Johnson Nursing
  • Andrea Carter – SE Health
  • Sheila Davis – Chief Executive Officer at Partners in Health
  • Christina Facey
  • Nancy Lefebre – SE Health
  • Rebecca Love – President & Co-founder of SONSIEL, VP Optimize Rx Corp
  • Hiyman Nadel – Director, Center of Innovation in Care Delivery at Massachusetts General Hospital & Johnson & Johnson Fellow
  • Christine Murphy
  • Shirlee Sharkey – President and CEO at SE Health
  • Holly Shaw – United Nations – Chair Advisory Council & UN Global Health
  • Gillian Strudwick
  • Jennifer Wallace – Rebel Nurse The Handbook, Panelist – Assistant Professor Lawrence Memorial Regis College
  • Elly Yost – Director at Nurse-Family Partnership

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Refreshments: If you have a food allergy (anaphylaxis) please email Faith; faith@sonsiel.org

  • Please note the agenda is subject to change.
  • Event is non-refundable
  • Note some healthcare systems have safeguards in place and you may get error issues trying to register from a work computer.  If this happens to you, please register using a home or other internet network connection.




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