SONSIEL Founders Committees 

Founder Committees

  • Chair: Treasurer - Nancy Nager - Members: Noah Hendler - Kelly Robke - Ann Corcoran - Julia Cooney - Idriz Limaj - Julia Cooney
  • Chair(s): Bonnie Clipper Members: Cameron Cook -Rhonda Manns & Fellow Leader: Bobbi Martin
  • Chairs: Marion Leary - Rebecca Love Members:
  • Chair(s): Mary Lou Ackerman & Rebecca Love - Members: Julia Cooney - Hiyam Nadel - Nancy Hanrahan - Ann Corcoran Project-based, please select which event you would like to help with.
    Example: Help with the collection of data for an innovation presented by a nurse.
    Example: Maybe you are able to connect with Nurses with medical devices companies - IRB's.
    Example - Help Nurses with business models, webinars, etc.
  • Members: Holly Shaw (UN) - Amy Rose Taylor (UN) - Ann Corcoran (UN) - Julia Cooney (UN)
    United Nations - Nurse representative from SONSIEL at the UN
  • Executive Committee

    Rebecca Love - Nancy Nager - Nancy Hanrahan - Julia Cooney - MaryLou Ackerman