As we read inquiries from nurses like you, which arrive daily, there is a common theme among the dizzying array of skills and accomplishments: too many phenomenal nurses feel alone and are unheralded innovators.    Yet, all are eager to connect with one another to broaden our impact. As SONSIEL matures our priority is facilitating direct outreach between members to forge meaningful relationships and foster growth, not only of the organization but of one another.  We are eager to meet you.

Value of a SONSIEL Membership:

  • Invited to Events & Meet-ups
  • Opportunity to network with fellow members of SONSIEL
  • Newsletters
  • Share of opportunities
  • Build a pipeline of leaders
  • United Nations program – Eligibility to serve on a United Nations Committee (after your application has been approved by the SONSIEL UN Committee).  Please email your interest to Ann at In the subject line write the United Nations.
  • Special invitations to our SONSIEL
  • Events including a “Nurse Hackathon” and ThinC Conference: The Healthcare Innovation Conference – designed by nurses to address the best in healthcare, and more!
  • Online Member Seminars – these webinars with hosted by SONSIEL members and subject matter experts on topics relevant to entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership.

Nurse Membership additional information:

Once a nurse member has been a member of SONSIEL for 3 years -They are eligible to start the “fellowship program” 

SONSIEL’s aim is to be inclusive of all nurses, irrespective of degree level, but acceptance into SONSIEL is measured by a nurse’s impact on society, healthcare, education, science, or innovation in healthcare.

SONSIEL will serve as a reference to incubator/accelerators for those members who which to pursue such opportunities.

Fellows 2-year program: $200.00 annually

Each year we take in a cohort of nurses who aspire to lead in science, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership with the core value to increase nurse’s understanding of the fundamentals of healthcare innovation, business, strategy, and operations.

Fellowship Program – Fellow Inductees: a 2-year program

Year 1: Responsibilities:

  • Paired with Mentor for “personal professional product”
  • Responsibility for the 1st-year program to support SONSIEL (IE. event, social media, ext)

Year 2: Responsibilities:

  • Pair with incoming “inductee” for support
  • A Complete professional and SONSIEL Project

Interested in our fellowship program?  Email Bobbi Martin:

Founders of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership (FIEL): Founders are inducted into SONSIEL if they have made a significant impact on society, healthcare, education science or innovation in healthcare.

FIEL: Founder of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership

  • First-year: $300.00
  • After 1st year: $200.00 annually

FIEL – the “gold standard of our organization” – currently granted only to “Founding Members of SONSIEL” – as defined and evaluated by one’s peers to create a level of Rigor and Consistency among all FIELs:

Contain the following principals to character:

  • Having Lived Experiences that have shown Demonstrable Impact
  • Solution Driven
  • Collaborators
  • Nurse Change Maker
  • Courage
  • Mentor: Elevate and Support Others
  • Influencer
  • Changes the Narrative – future positive focused

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