SONSIEL is inviting nurses to step onto the TEDx Stage – at TedxBeaconStreet

The impact that nurses have made during the COVID-19 Crisis Nursing has exceptional.  SONSIEL is inviting nurses to step onto the TEDx Stage – at TedxBeaconStreet.

TedxBeaconStreet is one of the top 10 TEDx platforms globally and has committed to creating a special series dedicated to Nursing.

Please read on for a fantastic opportunity to share YOUR experience as a nurse during the Covid-19 crisis.

Tell your COVID-19 Lived Experience: “Nurse’s Stories from the COVID-19 Pandemic” brought to you by TedXBeaconStreet.

TedxBeaconStreet is creating a mini-documentary of nurse’s stories during the COVID19 Pandemic. We are looking to highlight stories of nurses and their life during the Pandemic. The purpose of this series is to catch the truth of the essence of what it means to be a nurse during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the fears, the aspirations, the joys, and the heartaches; stories of personal growth, reflection, innovation, collaboration, love or loss – but 100% authentic voices and faces of nurses.   Nurses have lived every corner of this Pandemic, and it is time to bring those voices and faces forward for the world to hear and see.

TedXBeaconStreet, in partnership with SONSIEL, is curating these nursing stories to create a series to highlight to the world, the voices and faces of nursing during this Pandemic.

 TedxBeaconStreet Instructions

Application Process: Due to the COVID-19 Crisis, TedxBeaconSteet is recreating the Ted Style talks model, and has outlined the following process for recording and distribution to continue in the era of COVID.

  1. Please prepare and record MAX 10-15-minute talk about your story during the COVID19 Pandemic – but will likely be edited to 5-minute segments.
  2. Please write down your conversation and rehearsing it. Ted Talks are usually done by memorization without the support of cue cards in one’s hands.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice is the name of the game; practice with your loved ones, with yourself in the mirror, get used to telling your story.
  4. Record on a 4K device (i.e., not zoom) but your phone or laptop
  5. Good lighting and sound
  6. Look into the camera when you speak
  7. Record in the typical TEDx fashion – TEDx is all about storytelling – people should live and feel the experience through your words.
  8. It is normal to be nervous – if you make a mistake, repeat the line, and we will edit out!
  9. Upload and submit via DropBox
  10. Deadline for submissions is August 31, 2020

Accepted TedXBeaconStreet submissions:

The submissions will be reviewed and selected by a panel of nurses in the participation of SONSIEL. The finalist’s talks will be edited down to likely 5-minute versions, to produce a documentary on “Nurses Stories from the COVID19 Pandemic” and shared on the TedXBeaconStreet platform.

This documentary series demonstrates to the world, a view into the profession of nursing never before witnessed or seen – the power of the nursing profession, the humanity, humility, compassion, intelligence, and expertise of the nurses- the healthcare could not survive COVID without nurses.


  • DO choose a quiet location (home, office, lab, symbolic location) with no movement in the background.
  • DON’T shoot against a plain wall. Keep some space behind you, and if possible, add interesting objects or plants.
  • DON’T record too close to the camera – when we edit, we may zoom in on you for emphasis.
  • DO ensure you have adequate light on your face. Natural light looks best but does change over time. You can purchase a “ring” light from places like Best Buy.
  • DON’T put a light, or window, behind you. Being “backlit” will make it hard to see you!
  • DO film in a room that does not have an echo. Lots of glass windows can create an echo sound.
  • DO if you use your iPhone, use the “back” camera. You will not see yourself in selfie mode, so you may need to have a friend help you. The “ring lights often have a holder for smartphones.

The Video

  • Step 1: Prepare your talk with the TEDx team (Speaker Catalyst) and any technical questions to our producer Anna.
  • Step 2: Prepare your webcam and microphone. The best solution is to set an iPhone to film in 4K. A wireless lavalier mic for an iPhone is inexpensive and greatly improves audio quality (if you decide to use this, check to ensure your phone has a lightning port for the mic). If you have an external camera/mic you can use that too.
  • Step 3: If you are using your smartphone put it in “airplane mode” and record your talk. Remember: final talks must be under 18 minutes – 4-12 min is the best. Look into the camera during your talk. You may verbally refer to slides in your talk, but they will be inserted in the editing process. Please do not show any screens (tablets, laptops, etc.) on camera. Remember: You can pause and start again, or reword something, whenever you wish. Unlike a live talk, mistakes are extremely easy to remove in editing!
  • Step 4: When done, send us your slides (PowerPoint or Keynote or video) and your edit notes. These notes will include 1) intended slide placement, and 2) any mistakes you would like omitted. You will be using to send video files to our producer.
  • Step 5: Review draft and provide feedback.

 Resources you may find helpful.

Ted x Beacon Street Meetup

Do I need help with my Ted Talk submission? Join the meet up for tips and feedback. We will be having 2 meet-ups on July 22nd and Aug 19th at 7:00 p.m. EDT Sign up today to get the log-in information for the meet-ups.
Submissions – DropBox

July 21, 2020  Question & Answer Session